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Arrow Antenna

Arrow Antenna


Arrow Antenna

  Talk about a literal interpretation.  This is my creation.  Using a carbon fiber arrow and attached it to a BNC connector.  The traditional definition of Arrow Antenna is given to it's shape.  Typically a handheld yagi with multiple elements. 

   I thought of this after thinking that carbon fiber is conductive.  How conductive I didn't know.  So I bought this carbon fiber arrow at a local store (minus the connector lol) for about $2.  I put a meter across it to check if it's at least conductive.  It reads about 45ohms over the 29 inches.

   Since my tests on my Baofeng went well and hopefully the antenna analyzer shows good results I will be building more antenna types with this.   One is a Yagi antenna with just threaded screws holding one on each side.  It would make for an ultralight yagi antenna and also easy to take apart.  It will look pretty interesting too keeping the feathers end on too. lol  I might splurge for ones with more visual tail feathers.





Making the BNC Connect To Arrow

    The BNC adapter has a center pin.  I needed to attach it to something I could connect to the arrow.  Since the arrow had an 8-32 threaded end which is normally for the arrow tip I decided to find a screw that fit it.

   Of course solder would not work on a typical screw.  So I used a brass 8-32 x 1-1/2" screw. 

  I used my wire strippers that has a screw cutter on it to thread the screw through and cut off the head.  But before I did I used the strippers to hold the screw in place.  I then used my high power Weller soldering iron to pre-tin the head of the screw.   Then used pliers to hold the BNC center pin on the screw until I had it lined up and soldered the 2 together.

   I then cut the scrw head off as close as I could to the head since I didn't know how much length I needed.  It turns out the length is just right.





New Pin Mated To Arrow

   This is the newly soldered BNC pin and screw threaded into the arrow.



Heatshrink the exposed screw

   Of course the center BNC pin has to be shield from getting grounded.  So I used heatshrink tubing to put over the end.

    I used an Exacto knife to cut off the heatshrink tubing to the base of the BNC center pin to keep the pin clear.  I wrapped a layer of electrical tape to cover the end of arrow to insulate the aluminum end and arrow from touching the shell of the BNC as well.




Finished End

   The arrow with the electrical tape slipped in fairly snug with pin bottomed out like it should.



Connected to Radio

   I couldn't wait so I connected it to my Baofeng UV-5R and keyed it up to a local repeater.  The sound was clear.  The next steps is have a buddy that has an antenna analyzer test it out.   Then maybe cut it so it works on the 2m/70cm.



(c) 2015 Michael R. Monteith




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