CNC3018   Eleksmaker Laser Engraver

CNC 3018 CNC/Laser Engraver                                 Eleksmaker Laser Engraver

  Lately I've changed directions.  I've been working on using my CNC3018, which is a CNC/Laser Engraver.  I also have an Eleksmaker Laser Engraver.  With these two devices I can carve, cut out, and engrave various items.  Hopefully items that I can eventually sell.


 After receiving my license in Oct 2015 I decided to create a site to share references that will help people obtain their license or use for reference in different areas that I ran across on my journey.  Ham radio isn't just for sending morse code or for two people to talk on something besides a phone.   During emergency situations many cell and landline phones are either out or overloaded.  Until those are restored Ham radio is used in a lot of these cases.  Some operators like to listen to satellite communications and even talk to the International Space Station or receive satellite images.  Not the mention the tons of other digital modes used to send text, data, and images.  The more you look into it you find out the richness of it and people find their own areas of interest to dig into further.  If you find something useful that I don't have listed please let me know.  It's going to take me a while just to try and organize and setup what I have and I'm sure I'll miss a lot more as well.

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